Welcome to Liquid Breath®, your natural medicine. Choose Liquid Breathing (an 8-minute 'bite'), the GIFT (45-minute healing) or the SHIFT (15-minute activation). Experience a dose of peace, relaxation, softness and health through your breath. A feeling of 'fluidity'. Beyond words. Feeling = knowing.


Liquid Breathing - a free bite

Liquid Breath® is an experience beyond words. Creator Cora Verkuilen tells us more about it in this video. Curious? Receive the video of the Liquid Breathing Bite in your mailbox.

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Liquid Breath® came to Cora during a Dolphin Retreat in Mozambique in 2018. How so? A 'GIFT' from the dolphins. Not invented. Received. A transmission. First she received the GIFT. Later in 2019 the SHIFT. And recently in 2022 LIQUID BREATHING came through.

A miracle!

"Yes... And also not anymore," says Cora. "With over 125 trainers, we see miracles happen every single day with Liquid Breath®."

"We don't have the luxury of doubt anymore”.

The emphasis with Liquid Breath® is on receiving through your exhalation. Using your breath as a gateway. Beyond the oxygen, you breathe energy. You literally blow away tension, stress, physical pain, which creates softness and new space. Beyond techniques. Liquid Breath® is simple, anyone can do it. A session is a journey. The longest journey ever. A journey of 27 cm from your head to your heart.

Buckle up!


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Cora Verkuilen

"The breath is a game-changer - a Life Saver " Says Cora Verkuilen, creator of Liquid Breath®:

My passion for 'Expanding Awareness' brought me from Cape Town to Poland. From a Tantric Retreat in 2011 to the cold journey with Wim Hof in 2013. From Mushrooms to Ayahuasca. From Reiki & Meditation to Silence Weeks. From Yoga to Healing.

In 2007 I created Yogatrainer,  my Yoga- and Breathwork company in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. It  has been for many years the only studio in the Netherlands with weekly breathwork sessions since 2011.

Because then there was the breath.


Everything else faded away.

"This is something the world should know" were my first words after my first session in 2010.

In the past twelve years I have been able to breathe with thousands of people. My Teacher of Teachers in Breathwork is Dan Brulé. I also trained with many wonderful teachers, including Wim Hof, Giten Tonkov, Max Strom, Stig Severenson and many others, all men.

In 2018 Liquid Breath® came to me. Deeply grateful for this transmission, I share it. Light is stronger than dark. Always will be. Liquid Breath® has enriched my life beyond words. I wish the same for you.


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