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You can always relax more. Liquid Breath®The Gift and The Shift. Through our online programs you can deepen your knowledge. At your favorite time and place you can enjoy unlimited time, the programs are your property after purchase. The packages consist of one to five recordings. Great as an addition to your training or own practice.

Online Program

The GIFT and The SHIFT - 2 lessons

The GIFT is a 45-minute lying down Liquid Breath® breathing session to restore your body and to relax deeper than ever before. A gentle and powerful experience. 'You can always relax more'. The SHIFT is a 15-minute very powerful activation through breath and movement to balance your energy.
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Online Program

The GIFT - English

Holding- letting go. Inhale- exhale. Tensing- relaxing. You learn to experience more balance, by consciously experiencing the differences.
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Online Program

The SHIFT - English

The SHIFT is a powerful activation. You balance your Yin (softness) and Yang (strength) energy. You move from doing to being.
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What does an Online program look like?

Online is (also) great! At your time, pace and place, follow a short or long session Exactly what you need now.

Cora briefly tells you more about her online programs. Will you join us?

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